• "I had lower back pain that I would rate as an 8.3 on a scale 1-10. It affected my life in too many ways. Within the first year of getting adjusted at PCW it is down to a 0-1. I'm able to bend and lift that I couldn't before. I also really liked Amy's pain rub and Tracy's massages helped too!"
  • "Dr. Jenn is the best Chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure to work on me. She always has a smile for you as she gives 110%. Her office is always inviting and friendly. Julie always has a smile to greet you at the door."
    Treena C.
  • "Dr. Jen is a great person and chiropractor! If you are looking for great and professional care go see her at her office in Marysville!"
    Matthew M.
  • "Excellent adjustments and everyone is so friendly. Love my massage therapy too!"
    Nancy C.
  • "I have driven nearly 6 hours to have Dr. Jen work her magic on my family. Her passion for natural health is contagious and I wish we lived closer so we could be more regular patients. We love Dr. Jen!!!!"
    Erin C.
  • "I'm amazed at the number of people who stop me around town to say how much Dr. Jen has helped improve their health. I absolutely agree!"
    Suzanna D.
  • "You will get a very good adjustment and stay healthy, if you go to Pavlov Chiropractic & Wellness. Dr. Jen takes your health seriously."
    Marilynn P.
  • "I am so blessed to have Dr.Jennifer Pavlov as my Chiropractor. I feel I have been given a chance and personal choice to obtain optimal wellness in all areas of my well being. Thanks to Dr. JEN, JULIE AND ASHLEY. XOXO."
    Patricia C.
  • "Dr. Jen is an amazing chiropractor who loved working with families and children. I will gladly refer any of my friends and family to her."
    Adam S.
  • "Dr. Jen is an amazing chiropractor who truly makes a difference to my family's wellness. Would recommend her to everyone!"
    Lisa F.
  • "Amazing! I can not say enough good things about Dr. Jen. Great chiropractor! Would highly recommend to anyone."
    Samanatha B.
  • "You'll never be disappointed after Dr. Pavlov sees you.... We always tell everyone her hands can do Magic"
    Maureen W.
  • "Dr Jen is amazing! Magic hands. She listens and adjusts to your needs! Not just standard adjusting! Personal adjusting!"
    Kerry D.
  • "Had a wonderful experience! And adjustment! They are great !!!"
    Michele H.
  • "Dr. Jen has everything your back needs. I'll be making my appointment!"
    Tenna D.

The office will be closed for adjustments on Fridays while Dr. Jen is on maternity leave. Massages will still be available by appointment only. We will reopen Fridays when Dr. Jen returns from maternity leave. Thank you for your understanding.

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